Polygamy, Monogamy – What’s Going on?

So after the initial, difficult realization I was back in polygamy, I’d somehow got myself on an even keel; although I knew I had a tough time ahead, I felt a sense of peace that I hadn’t had for a long time – the waves of the storm had eased to a gentle ripple on the shore. I got on with life, got on with being me rather than the obsession of coupledom.

About ten days later, hub returned and we were planning a trip to the other city to meet up, all of us – kids, wives and him. Then my new cowife kept contacting my husband, which to be honest, I wasn’t so happy about as now I finally had some time with him, I didn’t want it interrupted. But it was serious – her relatives had found out and were irate. Things went from bad to worse and then, suddenly, it was over – she wanted no more contact. Whatever her family had said to her, it changed her attitude completely, and there was no way to find out what it was.

So there we were, my husband and I, back in monogamy. Both other relationships had ended without any part played by me – I was so grateful that was the way, I would never want to be the source of any resentment.

I intend to keep on writing about the subject because my husband would like to be in polygamy again, and there is lots to be learned from this type of life experience – about self-esteem, relationships in general, facing hardships, the list goes on – so I hope you’ll keep following this blog and recommend it to others. Please feel free to comment and share your experiences for all to benefit.

As the saying goes, if it something doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger. 


3 thoughts on “Polygamy, Monogamy – What’s Going on?

  1. Why do you accept all the hurt? He has tried twice and it hasn’t worked out. Why not give you and your kids all his love and attention instead of always looking for someone else?
    I don’t understand your acceptance of thus which is not a good lifestyle for you. I accept it’s allowed but if it’s only leading to divorce and unhappiness then don’t force the lifestyle.


    1. Thank you for your comment UmmAmmaar. My opinion is I can’t change Islam and I can’t change my husband – I can only change my own attitude. But no I won’t accept the way it happened again, and if it ends up being too much for me, I am free to leave. We are getting plenty of love, and polygamy is not dominating things now, just can never say never.


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