Polygamy and Hormones

You might be thinking I’m going to write about the biological reasons men want to have more than one wife – that they have the urge to have more than one sexual partner because of their hormones. There is some evidence that higher testosterone does preclude men to being in polygamy.

But today I wanted to briefly talk about my experiences and similar ones I’ve witnessed of other women where the hormones coursing round our bodies at certain times of the month or at certain times in our lives, make our reactions to things – let’s just say – different.

When writing this blog, I hope I am including a fair bit of objective, logical type information to increase my and anyone else’s understanding of polygamy. But also I can’t, and won’t, deny the more subjective and emotional responses we get when placed in this situation. I have my ups and downs of feeling that polygamy is completely sensible, beneficial, and altogether can be positive if done properly. And then, Boom!, there are times when I just don’t want to think, hear or talk about it at all.

Am I the only one on this roller coaster? I doubt it, and I have come across several women who have expressed how hard it is to cope with their emotions when in or soon to be in polygamy at the same time as they are due to get their period, or if they are pregnant, or recently given birth.

To the men out here, please be aware of this and how the women in your life are affected by their hormones. You are affected and sometimes act on your hormones, so don’t expect women not to. At some times of the month/stages in their life, they need to feel like they are all that matters to you, safe, and loved. By chance, I read this recently in the Amani Birth book by Aisha Al Hajjar:

All through pregnancy, labor and birth there is a complex interaction of hormones at play.

Most pregnant women are notably more needy, emotional, and anxious. The intensity of these needs and emotions grows in pace with her belly. The companion should be compassionate with regard to her increasing needs for love, encouragement, and support.

Anyone else find that the time of the month or pregnancy has a significant effect on how they deal with polygamy? Let us know in the comments!


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