Welcome to this blog! I hope what you read here will offer you some solace, understanding and advice for a life in polygamy, whether unpicked or not.

Polygamy, for me,  was originally unpicked. It was picked for me, but as many would remind me,  picking Islam meant I had by default chosen it as a possibility. Yes, I chose Islam and  know we shouldn’t just pick or choose which parts we follow. I was never in principle against it,  but the fact that it is allowed in Islam, and many would say recommended,  means I needed to unpick this as much as possible to get to the whys and wherefores, through the lows and possibly highs available from this lifestyle.

I hope you can benefit through my trying to understand myself and attitudes to the relationship of marriage and my husband and find out how polygamy can actually be manageable and maybe beneficial. 

Umm Suhayb